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Cold-Processed Soap Simplified

What are cold-processed soaps?

The one thing that no one can be without is the daily bar of bathing soap. We all love our bathing bar of soap. But, have you ever paused to think about whether your skin deserves it?

An ancient method that dates back thousands of years. The evidence of this was even retrieved from clay capsules of Ancient Babylonians. It is now known that the Babylonians mixed ash and fat to form the very first soap. Throughout history, we find references to various soap-making processes.

The soap preparation by Babylonians still forms the base of all modern soap preparation. Today's modern soap preparation uses more advanced ingredients.

One of the best processes of making soap is the cold-processed method. This method is passed down through generations. This traditional method is unique as it creates a space for us to use only nature's best ingredients to make the soap. The soap prepared by the cold process method is so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can use it without being affected by any flare-ups.

How is cold-processed soap made?

grewaa cold processed soap

Cold-process soap requires natural oils and lye. This lye when combined with oils creates a process called saponification. The result of this process is cold-processed soap. We can make soap by adding natural oils and potential acne-fighting herbs.

Also, precious oils and ingredients are added to enhance the nature of soap. This is added to the soap-making mixture once the trace appears. This is done to preserve the nature and benefits of the ingredients. The trace usually appears 5 minutes after mixing lye and oils, when the soap begins to emulsify. This is also the main indicator to know that the oils and the lye are reacting.

The reaction between lye and oil creates two elements - glycerin and soap. The process is said to be complete only if all the lye is used up or chemically transformed. There should be nothing left behind. To make sure no lye is left behind, excess oils and butter are added.  This allows complete transformation of lye. But the excess fat will be left behind. This excess fat is so nourishing for the body. It softens the skin and also protects the skin from damage. And, thus nourishing cold-processed soap is born.

Why cold-processed soaps?

This time-tested technique of making soap is called cold-processed because no external heat is needed to make the soap. The qualities of the ingredients added to this soap-making process are well maintained. The nourishing effect of such soaps is simply incomparable. 

Unlike commercial soaps, cold-processed (or) super fat soaps are made chemical-free and loaded with natural oils. The cold-processed soaps are healthy for the skin and healthy for the environment as well.

cold process soap on curing

The benefits of cold-processed soaps

1. Gentle lather

Cold-processed soap is made with natural oils and butter. The lather created by this is so gentle on your skin and the benefits of the ingredients can reach deep into your skin. This helps your skin to stay hydrated and nourished from within. The lather is so light and gives you a luxury bathing experience.

2. Preserves the benefits

We add ingredients to soap to get something amazing for our skin. There is no use in adding our favorite herbs and then losing all their value through the healing process. The method of cold-processed soap preparation doesn't need external heat and hence retains the benefits of the natural herbs and oil added.

3. Natural fragrance

Since the soap is cured for 4 to 6 weeks, the natural fragrance of the ingredients added gets infused thoroughly and you can indulge in the fragrance while enjoying the bath.

4. Protects skin

The excess fat remaining in the soap after preparation provides nourishment to the skin. This excess fat also protects the skin from drying. This excess fat makes the soap very gentle on the skin.

5. Safe to the environment as well

The process does not leave behind any residues nor does it need any external heat source.

We have the best cold-processed soaps

Since acne is the most common problem faced by many people despite having numerous cosmetics targeting acne, we thought to turn to nature and derive a cold-processed soap that maintains the basic nature of ingredients added. Our R&D team went all the way to get the highest potential ingredients and prepared a formulation that keeps a full stop to all types of facial and body acne.

You will enjoy a luxurious bath that gives your skin protection against acne with Grewaa!

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