5 Things You Should Check Before Buying A Skincare Product

5 Things You Should Check Before Buying A Skincare Product

How do you buy your skin care product?

Do you randomly go by labels or check the ingredients?

Follow a trend?

Well, then these may be the reason why your skin is facing issues. A lot goes into making a skin care product, but you should understand what your skin needs before investing in a product. In this article, we are giving you 5 important points to consider before buying your skin care product. Stay with us till the end so that you can shop with confidence the next time you are hunting for a skin care product.

 1. Skin Type


Knowing your skin type is very vital when selecting your skin care product. There are different types of skin- dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. Each skin needs different care. Dry skin needs the presence of a nourishing agent which can add moisture to the skin. While oily skin needs ingredients that can curb excess sebum production, for sensitive skin it is essential to choose mild ingredients otherwise you will end up with redness and rashes. So, if you have dry skin look for ingredients with AHA or hyaluronic acid; for oily skin products with salicylic acid will work well and for sensitive skin ingredients with mild cleansers like oats can work well.

To get products based on your skin type you can always head to Grewaa- Green Warriors Against Acne. At Grewaa products are categorized based on skin types, so your shopping will be seamless and you can find products with AHA, hyaluronic acid, oats, salicylic acid, and more here.

 2. Ingredients


While Choosing products based on skin type you should also look for ingredients that may be harmful to the skin. The presence of phthalates, sulfates, and parabens are all now scientifically proven to cause a lot of health hazards including hormonal issues, skin irritation, and even cancer. So, make sure your skincare products do not contain these ingredients.

The best way to avoid these harmful Ingredients is to choose from an organic and natural beauty store. One such store which gives the perfect solutions to skin problems is Grewaa. At Grewaa products are made from natural ingredients only and all harmful Ingredients always stay out. If you want to cure acne and be safe from chemicals, Grewaa will be the right choice for you.

 3. Expiry Date


Oh yes! You read it right. Skincare products do have a shelf life and expiry date. Just because you are using it on the outside doesn’t mean that you can use products past their expiry date. Check for the expiry date before purchasing a product, especially when you are buying through sales or massive discounts. You wouldn’t want your skin to pay the price for you missing this important point.

 4. Allergies

 skin allergy

Some Ingredients are known to cause allergies. If you are allergic to certain things make sure your skin product doesn’t contain them. Skin is a really sensitive organ and can react adversely to allergies. You can experience itching, rashes, redness, and eruptions on the skin if you use an allergic ingredient on your skin. Read the labels thoroughly and check for allergic Ingredients. If you are in doubt always do a patch test while getting a skin care product.

At Grewaa you can take a free skincare consultation and discuss with experts before buying a product. So you can always be sure that you are avoiding any kind of rogue Ingredients in your products.

 5. Sensitivity

If you have sensitive skin, you should be doubly careful before buying a product. Sensitive skin needs only mild cleansers and Ingredients, otherwise, you will have to face the wrath of harsh chemicals which will lead to a lot of irritation for your skin. Usually, skin care products take this very seriously and labels are displayed to show if they are suitable or not suitable for sensitive skin. Take a minute to observe your skin care product and look for this indication before you make a purchase. This will help your skin stay safe and healthy.

The Right Skincare For Acne?

If you want to be sure that you are getting the right product for curing your acne, Grewaa is a place for you. At Grewaa, products are made to cater to every skin type, all harmful and allergic Ingredients are kept out. Also, Grewaa follows the cold process method for soap making, and the R&D team brings an ayurvedically approved formulation that is always gentle on the skin. Also, Skin care experts are always available to help you in every step. You can experience tender love and care at every step in Grewaa. To check this out and to shop confidently click here.

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